Fiordmoss are sentimentalists. That the band started after a fire in their apartment, mirrors their obsession with stories of tragic beauty. Stirring vocals and guitars are joined by sounds of techno and grime, which the four-piece perform live in an honest way, standing in the white light of a projector.

The band was started in 2008 by Petra Hermanová and Roman Přikryl who met as art students. Jan Boroš joined Fiordmoss three years later for their tour to support the band’s first EP Gliese, after which he stayed in the band. As a trio, Fiordmoss released their second EP Ink Bitten in 2012. Petra was selected for Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid where she met another participant, Jon-Eirik Boska. He joined the band as a drummer and producer. Fiordmoss have played more than a hundred concerts in Europe and are currently finishing their debut full-length album in their new place of residence, Berlin.

“..a little masterpiece. Music for the night. Music to dream the world away.”
Kaltblut Magazine (on Ink Bitten EP)

“There is a familiarity in they bring following in the massive (attack) footsteps of a robust genre but with a fresh twist of a desecrated ingenuity.”

“The band’s vocals resonate with images of Björk but with more angst and power, and have a sound that’s hard to describe lingually. It’s a mix of synthed-out, eerie Scandinavian pop with singer-songwriter roots, post-dubstep and acoustic guitar sessions. Whatever arbitrary genre label they are assigned, Fiordmoss’s product is powerful, immersive and packed full of layer upon layer of wholly good beats.”
EARMILK (on Gliese EP)