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Deaths (ex Girls on Drugs) is Igor Bruso with Luke Mayen and Tomáš Hribík. The band was established in Brooklyn in the summer of 2012 where Bruso was on an internship at New York branch of the Vice magazine and also working as an assistant of Parker Steel.

Deaths have already received critical acclaim. Their single Karaoke Blues, was well recieved by Czech and international musical servers, amongst the smitten was for example The Line of Best Fit. The band was listed as one of the furture big names in alternative music by the Czech server Aktuálně.cz and is currently working on a full release called Chapter one: Blame me, from which they have released two singles.

Igor is both the lead singer and creative mastermind of Deaths. He was born at Kamchatka, Russia, but is living all around the globe from the age of 14. He has recently switched Berlin for Prague. His last hardcore/trash/sludge band called Slave Driver was also a subject of acclaim on a genre level and has toured around Europe with their album called The Haviest Rains.

His wide range of interests include photography and filmmaking. He has directed music videos of Deaths, as well as clips for Charlie Straight, Swan Bride, VoodooYoudo and Apostate.