Lasse Matthiessen

Lasse Matthiessen (DK/Berlin)

Lasse Matthiessen’s sound is the meeting point between the simplicity, timelessness, and honesty of American influenced folk and indie music and the delicacy, patience, and beauty of contemporary Scandinavian music. Lasse Matthiessen’s dynamic voice, dancing gracefully between intimacy and unabashed power, combined with the love, wisdom and the dark beauty of his words make Lasse with his band a unique figure in today’s independent music landscape.

In Germany Lasse Matthiessen is no longer an unfamiliar name. The Dane – born and raised in Copenhagen and living in Berlin – has not only through his concerts in German national television, the ZDF channel, and through supporting Suzanne Vega, Anna Calvi and major German acts such as Clueso and Ingo Pohlmann, convinced and excited audiences all over Germany and Austria but also received excellent concert and album reviews from some of Germany’s biggest media such as, Rolling Stone Magazine, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Die Zeit and Süddeutsche Zeitung. Lasse Matthiessen latest album was well received in Germany and presented by MTV, (album of the week) and VIVA.

Lasse Matthiessen was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the jazz of his father’s piano ringing in his ears. Music was always with him. It carried him to countless streets and stages around the world. His years of galavanting not only connected him to many musicians, but deeply connected him to his own art.

Lasse Matthiessen has released 4 albums and toured in Germany, Austria, Poland, USA,Switzerland, France, Spain, Norway, Czech Republic and Denmark.

Lasse Matthiessen plays in four piece band constellation consisting of two guitars, bass, drums, keys and vocals.

Wildfires, 2014
Carry Me Down, 2013
Dead Man Waltz, 2012