Italian charm, grace and humor and an enormous musicality are the defining characteristics of MissinCat concerts.

Caterina Barbieri, originally from Italy, has settled in Berlin the last few years and has made many new friends and follower with the success of her last album “Wirewalker”. Her warm sound and her catchy but artistically distinguished songs have caught the attention of more and more people, leading to successful tours not only in Germany, but also to shows in the U.S., Australia, the U.K. and, of course, in her home country of Italy. Several of her songs have been used in films and TV commercials for products such as Nintendo, Coke Zero and NEtCom (Norway).

As a multi-instrumentalist, she plays various instruments, including guitar, bass, piano/keyboard and synthies. For the most part, her accompaniment is a drummer, who also sometimes supports
variable, depending on the song. And she enjoys interacting with her audience. If a song requires some atmospheric rain in the background, for example, she directs her visitors to use their
pointer fingers to hit the palms of their hands during the intro and outro. And it’s raining instantly.

After the successful release of her album „Wirewalker“ in early 2015, MissinCat is back with an exciting new release.

“FORCES” -> 5 songs that were written, produced and partially performed together with 5 completely different artists. The idea came about in the summer of 2016 during a session with producer and musician Robot Koch.

Collaborating artists include Hundreds, Me & My Drummer, Robot Koch, La Boum Fatale and Federico Albanese. Every single track is an exciting collaboration and has its own unique story. Different worlds and musical styles collide and bring energy and life into the music. FORCES that put things in motion, that lead to songs that Barbieri couldn’t have imagined writing, producing and performing just a few months earlier. But through and through, the Italian singer remains constant in every song, making each track recognizable as a MissinCat song and creating consistency throughout the album.

“FORCES” is a thrilling musical journey that MissinCat, aka Caterina Barbieri has created, together with some of the most exciting music projects here in Germany and also abroad.

2009 – Back on My Feet (Revolver)
2011 – Wow (Revolver)
2015 – Wirewalker (Revolver)