Kevin Blechdom

Kevin Blechdom is a female artist originally named Kristin Erickson, born in Florida in 1978. With a laptop, self-made computer music programs, piano chops, a 5-string banjo, Blechdom sings from from the heart.

Kevin Blechdom’s second latest solo album, Gentlemania (2009), released on Sonig Records, is an acoustic pop record co-produced by Kevin and Mocky in Berlin. Her, always present, almost childish love for decadent musicals takes the wheel on Gentlemania and creates an unique mix of contrary principles, that somehow can work together when directed by Kevin.

Initially trained as a classical pianist and composer, Kevin was always looking for new musical structures and patterns. She began recording music with her brother and sister-in-law in an experimental rock band called Adult rodeo about fifteen years ago, releasing two albums on the revered Shimmy Disc label and more records on the Adult Rodeo imprint, Four States Fair Records. Later she hooked up with Blevin Blectum (Bevin Kelley) and formed Blectum from Blechdom after an accidental collaboration one Halloween night while they were at Mills College in Oakland, California. The duo went on to release music on labels like Tigerbeat6 and Deluxe. The Messy Jesse Fiesta won 2nd prize at the prestigious Ars Electronica for digital music in 2001, and soon after broke up. Blectum from Blechdom was a hyperactive computer and sampler duo priding itself with its own digital confusion, frenetic madness, and psychotic delusions. In 2006 Blectum from Blechdom reuinited by pie-ing each other in the face, and have since been recording and touring together.