Philipp Quehenberger

Solo or duo with Didi Kern (drums)
Philipp Quehenberger was born in Innsbruck, grew up in Tyrol, Seattle and Newcastle. He discovered his love for electronic music in his father’s studio and started playing the piano and fooling around with synthesizers. Played in local bands of various styles, ranging from Death-Metal to Rock. In 1994 he started performing alone and moved to Vienna, where he kept his head above water with piano lessons. His old-fashioned equipment didn‘t keep him away from recording great EPs on Labels like Cheap, Ego Vacuum or Taliban Records and two albums: „Phantom in Paradise“ on Editions Mego and Hazard on Laton. Continuous collaboration with drummer ddkern (Fuckhead/Wipe Out/Bulbul) as Quehenberger/Kern. He often collaborates with other artists like Ilpo Väisänen (Pan Sonic), Alexei Borisov (F.R.U.I.T.S.), Mark Stewart, Mayo Thompson (The Red Krayola) or Patrick Pulsinger. Appeared as a Studiomusican for DJ Hell. Played his powerful unbeatable live-acts of rocking electronica at big international music festivals like Sonar (Barcelona), Avanto (Helsinki), Mutek (Montreal), Club Transmediale (Berlin), Dom (Moscow).

His latest record Content (2014) ventures deeper into Quehenberger‘s world of electro noir, ketamine cool and sordid soul. Fucked is a monumental drive through a gloriously queasy and sleazy terrain which leads into the rolling rhythms of last years killer Uff Uff 12 inch. Here an oozing psychedelic tapestry folds amongst muffled voices resulting in a striking propulsive chant. Startled further charts the depths of dance and disorientation as striding rhythms coalesce amongst gloriously diminishing synths. Extended bounces around an ecstatic carnival atmosphere where an abject ringleader swerves amongst swirling organs and a thick organic beat. Content is brimming with hard driving dance music. A bass line degenerate hurtling out of the speakers as the ultimate mood enhancer. Equal parts quarantine and club Content is one Quehenberger‘s finest works to date.
– released 2014 via Editions Mego