Piernikowski (Robert) – producer, vocalist, songwriter, composer. Co-creator of a duet Syny and a former group Napszykłat. Author of solo albums “Się żegnaj” and “No Fun”. His works compose of many projects – from Syny, through his solo career, to theatrical compositions. Primeshit quality.

With his projects he toured in Germany, Czechia and Slovakia, and performed at festivals like Unsound NY, SXSW, Primavera, Skif, Pulse, Pohoda, Colours of Ostrava, Fusion Festival, Boiler Room and many more.

Piernikowski’s “The best of moje getto” (Asfalt Records) is another solo album from the half of Syny duo. After his last album “No Fun”, which was named by Gazeta Wyborcza one of the best CDs of 2018, Piernikowski comes back with a new record entitled “The best of my getto”. This time he surprises his audience with the guest performers: Kacha Kowalczyk (Coals), BrodkaHades and Adam Repucha. This album is like a movie – you listen to it from the beginning to the end, but, contrary to a movie, you can enjoy it on repeat: at home, while driving and going out.

The Primeshit Saga

The last record of Piernikowski becomes the fifth part of the whole Primeshit Saga: two albums of the duo: „Orient” and „Sen”, and two of their solo albums: Piernikowski’s – „No Fun” oraz 1988‘s – „Gruda”.